Monday, September 14, 2009

Pet Peave

Vendors that don't stay within their alloted spots take an unfair advantage over those that do.  A couple of feet for signage, I can understand....but 10 feet into the walkway and rerouting traffic around other vendors?  Shame on you. 


We just finished the Carry Nation Festival this weekend in Holly, Michigan.  Had lots of fun. 

A Flint Journal photographer caught me and George working hard to make kids smile. It made the second page of Sunday's paper!! That's Hanna Moore, age 5, in the model chair.

See you at Diehl's Orchard (in Rose Center, near Holly) on Sept 26 & 27th.  Hay Rides, pony rides, lots of cider and donuts, LOTS of arts and crafts, and of course Face Painting Plus.

Then it's off to Tennessee to do the Allardt Pumpkin Festival and Cleveland Apple Festival!