Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dayton, Tennessee Pumkin Festival

I guess for this show, I am going to make a list of the reasons I won't do this festival again.

First of all, the organizers of the show put my booth right across from another face painting booth selling the exact same items.  After we duked it out with some of our pirate swords, we decided to make friends.  Well, this bond increased as one of the "not for profit" booths had FREE face painting.  They were hawking their service around the perimeter of the festival, which almost completely wiped out  both of our services, execept for those that wanted a "real" work of art on their bodies.  At least we had other children's novelties to sell.

Second, the bathroom situation was to be desisred.  They offered the court house as a potty option. Imagine a clown quietly walking down the huge old courthouse hallway.  Hmmm, maybe  that wasn't so unique afterall.  But, it gets worse.  The festival ran until 10 p.m., the court house doors were locked at 8 p.m.  That might be okay for those that didn't drink anything all day, but for a lot of us, that didn't apply.  While searching for a latrine, I almost talked myself into using the bushes.  But on second thought, I invisioned some child spotting a clown squatting behind a tree.   Oh, the horrors!  Finally, one of the security people told me about a bathroom that was almost a block away behind a small park.  Relief at last.

Third on my list was the parking situation.  Well, maybe no one had much control over that, but the only option was having your vehicle parked a couple of blocks away, and having to haul boxes of product, along with two canopies that far.  George felt like a pack mule.

There were lots of people there, dressed in costume, which was kind of festive, but everyone was after a "treat" not spending any money. 

On the positive side, the weather wasn't as bad as it was predicted to be.  Rather cold, but no rain to speak of. 

Well, this is our last show of this year.  Time to rest and take a new look at next year's festivals, remember all the fun people we met throughout the year, and all the faces we made smile.  I even have pictures of some of them!