Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foothills Festival-Albany Kentucky

The Foothills Festival this past weekend was a busy event.  There were so many vendors I never got to see them all.  The bands were great and the food was yummy. Business at our booth was not overly busy, but we had steady sales. The people putting on the show were courteous and helpful.

Allardt, Tennessee Pumkin Festival 2010

Last year I reported what a wonderful show this is.  This  year, I am repeating myself.  The kids in this area are the best!  I stood for 8  hours painting the faces of the happiest, most mannerly kids ever.  And their parents are VERY patient.  Some of them reported standing in line for almost two hours, and not one of them was the least bit grumpy. Sunday, the weather was cold and rainy, so we packed up early.  Sorry to anyone that couldn't make it on Saturday.  We love you Allardt!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spring City Fourth of July Festival

The clowns didn't show up for this event.  It was so hot, Yo Yo's make up would have turned him into Drippy the Clown and would have scared the kids away.

As usual, this show had a good turnout.  I would like to have seen more vendors that weren't politicians' booths.  There was probably one craft vendor to five political campaign booths, giving away free stuff.

The day was long --since the fireworks started at dusk.  As usual, there were kids more interested in getting their faces painted than watching the lights in the sky.

This teen said her nickname was "moose" and wanted a moose on her arm.  I didn't think she looked anything like one, but obliged her with a cartoon version of her namesake.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sketchy Schedule this year

We are still in the middle of our move.  This year, our shows will be sketchy at best. So far, our festivals are as follows (but we're still booking):

July 3 - Fouth of July Festival - Spring City, Tennessee
October 2 & 3 - The Great Pumpkin Festival - Allardt, Tennessee

I have added tutus, fairy wings, wands, and crowns to my tent this year for my little fairy princesses. I am ready with some super gold paint for Iron Man 2. And Yo Yo has some groovy new stuff for the boys.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's a new year and spring is in the air.  Time to start getting our 2010 schedule started.   We are in the process of moving permanently to Tennessee, so our shows should be concentrated more in the southern states.  I will be posting our schedule sometime in April.   Can't wait to see those little faces again.

This year, I am planning to add some fairy garb for my fairy princesses. Also, this year, we should be able to start booking private parties with clowns, face painting, and balloons.

For now, go plant some flowers!!!!