Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foothills Festival-Albany Kentucky

The Foothills Festival this past weekend was a busy event.  There were so many vendors I never got to see them all.  The bands were great and the food was yummy. Business at our booth was not overly busy, but we had steady sales. The people putting on the show were courteous and helpful.

Allardt, Tennessee Pumkin Festival 2010

Last year I reported what a wonderful show this is.  This  year, I am repeating myself.  The kids in this area are the best!  I stood for 8  hours painting the faces of the happiest, most mannerly kids ever.  And their parents are VERY patient.  Some of them reported standing in line for almost two hours, and not one of them was the least bit grumpy. Sunday, the weather was cold and rainy, so we packed up early.  Sorry to anyone that couldn't make it on Saturday.  We love you Allardt!